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Design Direction
Describe methods to create market separation visually, functionally and through method of make. Show how differentiation provides a performance benefit and advantage in market niche. Identify visual language / tone / feel of product, collection, or entire brand. 
Product Design
Ideation. Explore and show what’s possible. Establish concepts that show function, construction, scale / proportion, and usability.
Refinement. Narrow focus. Develop concepts further and define remaining details. Design for efficient manufacturability.
Product Development
Technical Drawings. Create detailed documentation from which prototypes can be made for evaluation and manufacturing / production. 
Revisions. Create documentation from prototypes received to make changes that get product closer to desired state and manufacturing ready.
Sourcing and Manufacturing
Find it and make it from small scale to large scale. Domestic and international sourcing of trims, hardware, materials, and products related to bags and accessories. 

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