ArtCenter Storyboard: Hrag Nassanian "The why behind the what"
Mapping Scenes from a Creative Life. Storyboard offers first-person singular, narrative opinion pieces by ArtCenter alums, faculty, and friends. Each authentically expresses how their association with the school has helped shape their identity, worldview, the meaning of their lives, and what animates them. Link
"As a kid, I didn't have the patience to draw things as I saw them. Instead of studying to get the details and proportions right, I preferred to get a good look and fill in the details as I saw fit. I didn't see the point of replicating objects as they were. It wasn't fun for me. This was my first push into design."
"I'm still as passionate and excited about design as the kid that showed up for ArtCenter Saturday High classes. So how can I stoke that same level of excitement for the next generation of designers?"

Interview: Feasting on Design with Jason Frostholm featuring guest Hrag Nassanian, Founder of WAYFINDER
"Today on Feasting on Design, I’m talking with Hrag Nassanian, a product designer and founder of Wayfinder, a product line of wallets, notebook holders, and other soft goods. We chat about what makes designing for physical products different, his design process and how he works with clients, taking risks in life and how to move past the fear, plus a whole lot more."
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Duuude: Product Review and Feature
"Modern and minimally designed products these days are all the rage. Less is more and more is just too much. So, while everyone is jumping on the minimal design trend, we wanted to explore a brand that is making some of the slimmest, coolest, minimalist-est (if that’s even a word), wallets, and everyday carry essentials this side of the rock we call earth." Link
Interview: Experience Design with Tony Daussat. The UX of Industrial Design with Hrag Nassanian, Founder of WAYFINDER
Show Notes: "Imagine this - you're an industrial designer (in Hrag Nassanian's case, of soft goods) and you've got a sweet gig at Nike. The king of soft goods in design. And you decide... you leave and start your own business.

Sound crazy? Perhaps. But after speaking with Hrag, and seeing what he's got going on with his company Wayfinder... I'm convinced it was the right choice.

In this episode, we talk about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the end-to-end user experience of industrial design.

And, no... this is not an ad, and there are no affiliate links. It's just a great product and Hrag is a wealth of knowledge with a contagious entrepreneurial spirit."
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Event @ MACHUS: Meet the designer behind the WAYFINDER brand
Going on at MACHUS this Sunday, December 8th, 2019, between 3-5 pm. 542 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214 
Meet a Brand Monday by vlogger Bradley Hasemeyer: Product Review

"For #MeetABrandMonday, I bring you WAYFINDER. They make stitch-less wallets that are waterproof, sleek, and durable. If you haven't jumped on the minimalist wallet trend, you need to (why do you still have a Blockbuster Video card?) and you need to look at WAYFINDER!"

The Gadgeteer: Product feature and review
"WAYFINDER’s initial collection of products, including the FLUX Cardholder, the DAYBREAKER Billfold Wallet, and the BORDERLESS Passport/Notebook Holder, has some good things going for it.  They each have a very understated style and simple but essential functionality, and they are also quite durable owning to the TPU-coated polyester material with RF welded/sealed seams from which they are made.  All of this allows you to go for minimalist EDC, whether you prefer to carry a few cards, more of a traditional wallet, or a passport for travel, and feel confident that the WAYFINDER product you choose will last a long time and look good doing it." Link
MACHUS: Portland, Oregon based brick-and-mortar and online retailer is first to carry WAYFINDER collection of products.
We're excited to announce Machus as the first retail partner for WAYFINDER. Link
The Manual: "WAYFINDER wants you to simplify your everyday carry without sacrificing functionality"
"WAYFINDER has unique accessories every minimalist has been looking for (and if you haven’t been looking, you are now). Founded by former Nike bag designer Hrag Nassanian, the brand is backed by years of cutting edge experience and ingenuity, resulting in a line of products that both enhance and simplify your daily grind." Link
Portland Night Market: WAYFINDER will have a booth this weekend (10/25 + 10/26)
Come out to support your favorite local Portland-based companies. Link
Portland Business Journal: "Former Nike designer launches accessories company"
WAYFINDER founder Hrag Nassanian launched his accessories company in June 2019. His design background includes a long tenure at Nike.
WAYFINDER's first collection includes a cardholder, wallet, notebook, and passport holder.

Blogger, podcaster, keynote speaker, and author, Josh Miles reviews and features WAYFINDER in a "Travel wallet unboxing"
"I was intrigued by the story of his brand launch and reached out to have him on the show. 
I'm super excited to share some new products that I discovered while interviewing Hrag Nassanian on Obsessed Show this past week. He's got a brand new brand called WAYFINDER, and it's all focused on minimal design for travelers and those who live their lives in motion. His initial product launch is a wallet, passport holder, and cardholder."

The Obsessed with Design show with host, Josh Miles: Behind the Minimalist Design of WAYFINDER with Hrag Nassanian, Episode 123.
Today on Obsessed with Design I'm chatting with Hrag Nassanian, a Portland, Oregon-based product designer/design director of performance-based soft goods (bags) and accessories. Hrag cut his teeth with a little brand called Nike, and just weeks ago launched his own brand called Wayfinder. We were connected on Instagram... I was intrigued by the story of his brand launch and reached out to have him on the show. So without further ado, please enjoy this conversation with Hrag Nassanian.
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