I envision and create the future of bags and accessories (also known as soft goods design). I provide industrial design services specializing in soft goods design and development. 
I'm a creative leader with 23 years of experience creating and influencing new product design, product development, and innovation focused on bags and carry accessories.
I'm the founder of WAYFINDER, a modern and minimal brand of accessories built with a technical nature for those who live their lives in motion. 
Previously, I spent 12+ years at Nike as a design director and senior product designer on the global bags design team. During this time, I helped many of its business categories achieve year-over-year double-digit growth, making it the highest-grossing athletic bag business in the world.
Creating desire. Using color, graphics, materials, and trims as storytelling tools brings a product to life and makes it relevant to the consumer. 
Delivering value. Bringing together a mix of materials, trims, details, and different construction methods to create sophistication and, ultimately, value. 
Making it just right. Continually refining how the bag fits and is constructed enhances comfort and performance. 
Experience to avoid pitfalls and move through the product creation process more efficiently and with the best results. 
Core Beliefs
Complex simplicity: Pure performance is the sweet spot between complexity and simplicity.
Sweat the details: Highlight the method of making to create a premium aesthetic. 
Fit is free: Product performance improves by tailoring for fit and motion and does not make the product cost more.  
Visual disruption: Amplifying innovation illuminates performance benefits.
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